5 Modern Muslim Fashion Tips to Revamp Your Outfits

5 Modern Muslim Fashion Tips to Revamp Your Outfits

5 Modern Muslim Fashion Tips to Revamp Your Outfits

5 Modern Muslim Fashion Tips to Revamp Your Outfits. When it comes to Muslim fashion, you can always look out for scarves, cardigans, and jackets that can enhance the overall appeal of your outfits. In this post, we have taken all the possibilities that will give you tips to revamp your outfits. You can always look for more options where you can choose your colour combinations and contrast them accordingly.

5 Modern Muslim Fashion Tips to Revamp Your Outfits

Regular Shirt

Make any old shirt look gorgeous by adding a matching hijab with it. You can always tuck in your shirt in the pants or trousers. The key is to match the colours well. These regular shirts make a really trendy outfit- it is basically a modest contemporary look which can be carried for work, casual outings etc. You can team it with a pair of high heels, or you can opt for flat loafers.

Long Cardigan

Amp up your casual look with a long cardigan as it looks awesome when worn with a scarf on top of a basic t-shirt and jeans. You can always pull this look off with a pair of stylish sneakers or regular sandals. When you don’t know what to wear- close your eyes and pick your favourite long cardigan. If your inner layer is the light pick,a dark one or else go for a light one. Long cardigans are also better if you like wearing something super comfortable and loose.

Leather Jacket

This is one of my favourite outfits as you can look effortlessly beautiful in this combination- abaya with a leather jacket on top. It is probably the most stylish outfit ideas of all times and here’s why- abayas are always beautiful, they just look classy, no matter what. Leather jackets add an element of sass to your overall look every time you wear them. When two great things are combined, the result is nothing less than the best. You can always pair leather jacket with your abayas; you can also look for other jackets and match them with your abayas. You can carry this look with a pair of ankle length boots or platform wedges.

Cotton Maxi

Easy to drape-off, flowy and comfortable- cotton maxis are a blessing in disguise. They look good,and we can wear them almost anywhere. For example, a full sleeves cotton maxi looks awesome with a pair of mules and a contrasting scarf. You can never go wrong with it, just remember- prints look even more beautiful when they are contrasted with something plain. If your maxi is printed, opt for a plain scarf, else vice versa. It is a perfect outfit for your regular outings as it looks classy, stylish and modest.

Long Skirt

Long skirts look graceful, no matter what. You can pair a long skirt with t-shirts, tops or even shirts and wear sandals below it. It looks great with ankle-length boots too. You can wrap a scarf around your head and see how it looks; alternatively, you can accessorise it with a pair of sunglasses, a nice bag and watch. Long maxi skirts look the best when a shirt is tucked in them- you can pick from a variety of plain and printed shirts/skirts, based on your style preferences.

5 Modern Muslim Fashion Tips to Revamp Your Outfits

Fashion is an outcome modification and revamping of old clothes and trust me; it looks perfect. There are multiple options of making your outfit look interesting- one of them is by accessorising it smartly, keeping it minimal yet stylish. Another option is to add-on one extra layer that makes it look cool and trendy- this includes a lot of possibilities, and you can always play with your imagination.


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